i'll take the quiet life,
Are you going to sit there?
No, I'm gonna river dance.

Supernatural Series Finale


When the times comes for this shows ending, i feel like there should be one huge Supernatural convention. And at the end of this convention, the whole audience should start to sing Carry On Wayward Son, as the cast we love is about to leave a Supernatural convention for the very last time.

❝ Gonna blast you full of rock salt till you crap margaritas . ❞

~ Bobby Singer (via onequartercanadian)

So I saw this licence plate today


And it just so happened to be right outside this place…



But then I see this and it’s ok again :) He looks so happy :D

i can’t
(also i totally would have punched high school age Dean in the face because wow. dick.) 

❝ It’s not funny, Dean. The voice says I’m almost out of minutes. ❞

~ Castiel (via monstercables)


does Gabriel eat sweets because it’s part of the trickster lore or is Gabriel the one with the sweet tooth and he’s been the Trickster for so long, hunters only think it’s lore?